Invisalign - what is it ?

Invisalign - what is it ? The invisible clasp - a clear thing

The invisible clasp - a clear thing

Designed by Align Technology in San Jose, Silicon Valley, in 1999. The treatment system captivates with its clarity literally. Using Invisalign implies the use of crystal clear clips to correct misaligned teeth.

The invisible aligners made of colorless plastic have been used in Germany since 2001 which are among the most modern and esthetic treatment devices that functional orthodontics offer today.

Like no other, this innovative system is ideally suited towards simply correcting any discrepancies in the crooked/malocclusion teeth without affecting private life or everyday working life. The time is also over for adults who are treated with metal braces enduring a significant deterioration in their appearance and possibly took their self-confidence during treatment.

With the invisible Invisalign aligners, you will have invisible braces and opt for one of the most discrete modern orthodontic options available in today's time. For Invisalign treatment, it is irrelevant for medical or cosmetic reasons. You have decided to straighten your teeth while investing in a sustainable and beautiful smile.

The brand name Invisalign almost describes the main advantages of the world-leading method by itself. In this case "Invis" stands for "invisible" - therefore "align" for "aligner". This is why Invisalign - unlike conventional braces made of metal alloys - uses extremely thin and almost invisible plastic splints.

These Invisalign Aligners are exclusively and individually manufactured specifically for you by the manufacturer of invisible braces Align Technology in the US using a high-precision 3D model. Depending on the desired treatment result, between 6 and 50 individual steps are usually required. Therefore In the course of your gentle and precise therapy you'll receive removable transparent splints for each of these partial steps in order to ensure optimal treatment success.

Only with this technology is possible today to move more than four teeth in the right direction at the same time. Thanks to the innovative 3D printer technology behind Invisalign, all teeth can be treated at the same time and have made this treatment the market leader worldwide.

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Invisible correction of malocclusions
used since 2001 in Germany


    With the invisible Invisalign aligners, you will have invisible braces and opt for one of the most discrete treatment options of modern, professional orthodontics which is currently available.

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