How does the Invisalign treatment work?

How does the Invisalign treatment work?

The simple and crystal clear way to a sympathetic, self-confident smile

Invisalign Aligner's innovative technology begins with a visit to the Invisalign specialists. We determine whether your malocclusion can be corrected with Invisalign aligners.

The chances are good, because more than 70% of all occurring anomalies can be permanently straightened with the transparent braces. It may be necessary to rehabilitate rotten teeth or remove existing decay before Invisalign therapy.

Thereafter, in our practice using a detailed 3D image scanner called iTero, which is painless and without disturbing conventional impression techniques create a 3D model. Based on this image documentation, the Align Technology Software Clincheck creates an exact computer simulation that precisely defines the individual steps of the Invisalign treatment. As part of this planning, you can already see how your dentition changes over the course of therapy and what outcome you expect in the end. This means that even at this stage you can visually see on the computer how straight and natural your teeth will look; how delightful your smile will be.

DThis treatment plan is then transmitted directly online to the manufacturer Align Technology in the US, California, where the planning is computer-tested and the simulation is completed. As a rule, we will return your personal Clincheck treatment proposal within 15 minutes. Our certified Invisalign specialist, Dr. med. dent. Kathrin Zimny, MSc. Orthodontics examines the result immediately. If necessary, accurately coordinates any desired changes with Align Technology. Then the final simulation and detailed planning will be completed.

Afterwards the production of your personal Invisalign Aligner starts directly at the factory in San José. The transparent braces made of the unique plastic SmartTrack are manufactured with high precision using the latest 3D printing technology which is only intended specifically for your teeth. After a short time your Invisalign Aligner arrive and you can try it on for the first time.

A big day when your transparent Invisalign Aligners are used for the first time. We explain exactly what you need to know and how to remove and replace the splints. Also, the care of transparent braces, teeth and gums will be explained again before the aligners begin their work on your teeth for which they were created. Now it's called "ready to move". This means that the Invisalign aligners work gently and gentle from the first minute of insertion to bring your teeth into the right position for a dreamy smile.

Now it is your turn. The fast and sustained success of therapy depends largely on how focused you are in the process. For optimal results, wear the Invisalign Aligners consistently for 22 hours a day and depending on the dentist's recommendation change to the next level of your personal aligners every 7-14 days. The rail change is simple, comfortable and requires no visit to us. As a rule, a short follow-up is only required in our practice every 6-8 weeks. In doing so, our specialists check whether the movement of your teeth is proceeding as planned and that the predicted treatment goal is achieved as desired. Shouldn't be the case but we're pleased to have the opportunity to quickly and accurately follow up and let you produce additional, free Invisalign Aligner. With the treatment line Invisalign Comprehensive (Full) this is possible even without additional costs up to six times. This also applies to the treatment line Invisalign Comprehensive with teen features (Invisalign Teen), in which additional indicators are installed in the invisible braces that helps the dentist check whether the rails are actually worn for the intended time of 22 hours a day.

nd then it is time! The last of your Invisalign Aligners are inserted and the labor time comes to an end. Even though you barely felt the rails and they were almost invisible due to their crystal clear transparency, it is a great milestone when you check with our Invisalign specialists for the last time that the actual result of your dental correction corresponds to the original simulation. Now it just means: Congratulations to beautiful, straight teeth with a finer and confident smile that will accompany you for the rest of your life.

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Before, see what is possible
Computer simulation shows the result even before the treatment


    Already during the consultation we can determine if your malocclusion can be corrected with Invisalign Aligners. The chances are good, because more than 70% of all occurring anomalies can be permanently straightened with the transparent braces

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