Invisalign - For who is this treatment suitable?

Invisalign - For who is this treatment suitable?

Beautiful straight teeth increase well-being and self-confidence

A correction of dental malocclusion is not a matter of age, even though this treatment is usually done at a young age. A tooth correction with invisible Invisalign aligners is basically possible after all the deciduous teeth are replaced by permanent teeth on an average from the age of 15 years.

The special feature of the Invisalign treatment concept, however, is that there are programs for both young children and adults.

Especially 20 to 40-year-old patients who often have the aesthetic need of improvements on previously untreated or incomplete correction of their overbite and in need to turn them beautifully straight. For many, the time factor also plays an essential role in deciding on Invisalign therapy.

For people who travel a lot, whether professionally or privately, or are heavily involved in their profession, a dental correction with Invisalign is often the most secure and less time consuming option. The custom-made aligners are changed in a treatment cycle of 7-14 days, but this does not mean that a visit to the orthodontist is required at each changeover date.

The check-up with your Invisalign specialist is on average only every four weeks, so enough time to have enough freedom for your own scheduling. As a result, even longer periods of absence due to business trips, trade fairs or even holidays or long-term stays abroad, no longer a reason to dispense with aesthetic and hygienic straightening of the teeth.

In addition, with Invisalign proper oral hygiene is easy to carry out. The almost transparent braces are easy to remove and clean. The oral care of the teeth is no inhibition because food scraps are removed beforehand with toothbrush and floss.

Basically, from the experience of almost 20 years in Germany, it can be said that with Invisalign Aligners in each case, minor malocclusions, gaps or crowding of teeth, even single teeth can be easily corrected. But also extensive straightening can be done with the transparent braces.

For example, about three-quarters of our adult patients can be successfully corrected with Invisalign, and about 50% of adolescents.

Whether or not a treatment with Invisalign is the right treatment for you personally can ultimately only answered by the orthodontist or, better yet, by our Invisalign specialist Dr. med. med. dent. Kathrin Zimny, MSc. Orthodontics safely.

However, the essential basis of decision being for or against Invisalign treatment is the desired well comfort during therapy. Align Technology's transparent braces are ideal for young adolescents and adults to enhance their teeth. Beneficial for hygienic or even allergy reasons rather than visible metal or brace brackets.

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Varied treatment programs for all ages
Low time and high wearing comfort for best results


    The special feature of the Invisalign treatment concept is that there are both programs for younger children and for adults. Tooth correction with invisible Invisalign aligners is usually possible for patients of all ages.

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