Invisalign Aligner FAQ

Invisalign Aligner FAQ - Questions and answers about the invisible braces

Questions and answers about the invisible braces

Questions and answers about the invisible braces Here you will find the most common answers in connection with the gentle and comfortable tooth correction with the transparent Invisalign Aligners. Answers consisting of: comfort, treatment, hygiene, costs and our preferential prices or financing. We are happy to answer your questions about your individual treatment in a personal conversation.

Do I have any side effects with Invisalign Aligners?

The Invisalign Aligners are made from a special plastic compound known by the manufacturer as SmartTrack. The material used is allergologically harmless and very hygienic.

For whom is treatment with Invisalign not suitable?

It is generally accepted that children under the age of six can not be treated with the Invisalign method because the deciduous teeth and the natural jaw movement are still growing. Besides that, there are no limits to age. In addition, treatment with the invisible braces can only achieve the desired results if the patient actively collaborates and carries the aligners around 22 hours a day. The orthodontist, or even better the Invisalign specialist can provide precise information about the actual treatment options of the individual case.

How long do I have to wear my Invisalign aligners a day?

To ensure the success of the treatment, as determined in the ClinCheck simulation; the transparent braces should be worn around 22 hours a day.

I was diagnosed with acute periodontitis. Can I still have an Invisalign therapy done?

No, teeth with acute periodontitis are not treatable orthodontically. This does not just apply to Invisalign therapy. Please make an appointment with our dentists for a periodontitis treatment. After successful periodontitis treatment then Invisalign treatment with particularly low forces is possible.

How often are the Invisalign rails changed?

The individual change cycle of your Invisalign Aligner is determined by your attendant orthodontist. As a rule, the wearing time of your invisible braces is 7-14 days.

Do I have to go to the dentist every time I change the Invisalign Aligner?

No, you do not have to because that is a major advantage of Invisalign therapy. You should schedule a brief inspection only every 6-8 weeks.

Am I in pain wearing the Invisalign braces?

Have no worries, a few patients report a slight pressure feeling at the beginning of a treatment which is aspected just as with all other orthodontic measures. There may also be a slight increase in preservation or a period of adjustment during modulation. As a rule, these insignificant side effects normalize themselves after a few days.

I have stronger tooth misalignments. Can I still have an Invisalign therapy?

With the innovative technology of the transparent Invisalign Aligner many treatment options are given. More than 70% of orthodontic cases can be easily corrected in this way. Your Invisalign specialist will suggest you an specifically individual therapy.

My private health insurance has refused to cover the costs on the grounds that the orthodontist no longer has any influence on the outcome of the treatment calculated by the computer when Invisalign therapy has started. What can I do?

Talk to your health insurance again. The Invisalign Aligner therapy is consistently based on modern 3D simulation right from the start. Only then are each individual step and the final result visible even before treatment. Invisalign Aligner tooth repair is the only scientifically recognized method in the world that allows the treating orthodontist to correct the treatment goal at all times until the desired result is achieved.

Is it true that the cost of Invisalign treatment is significantly higher than with conventional therapy with multiband brackets?

The total cost of the Invisalign treatment is about the same as the conventional one. If optically more subtle methods or materials such as gold alloys or individual ceramic brackets are used. The conventional method is often significantly more expensive than Invisalign.

Can I get a discount for the Invisalign therapy?

Of course. As a certified Invisalign Solution Provider, we always provide you with a 25% discount on the cost of the transparent clips.

Do I have to pay the entire cost of Invisalign treatment at once?

No of course not. At the beginning of therapy you only pay the reduced costs on the transparent Invisalign aligners. Thereafter, the treatment costs are billed very comfortably after the specified treatment steps. It costs nothing extra, no interest and no additional costs.

Do you offer a financing option for treatment with Invisalign Aligner?

Of course. Through our close cooperation with specialized financial services providers in the healthcare sector, you can opt for a risk-free partial payment in six installments. This installment also includes the costs for the aligners. This service is interest-free and easy to process. Another part payment option is financing for up to four years at extremely attractive terms.

Is the treatment with Invisalign unhygienic?

The Invisalign aligners are easily removable. Therefore, the teeth and the transparent braces can be excellently cleaned with a toothbrush, interdental brush, toothpaste and dental floss. That's why Invisalign is one of the most hygienic orthodontic treatments ever.

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