Advantages over a fixed brace

Advantages over a fixed brace

How do the translucent Invisalign aligners beat against the fixed braces?

One of the main advantages of the transparent Invisalign Aligner is that they are almost invisible and therefore hardly noticeable. It even happens that colleagues or spouses have noticed after many weeks that the other person is wearing a dental splint. In addition, after a brief period of familiarization with the extremely thin plastic splint, there is no impairment of pronunciation.

In conventional metal clasps the tongue still likes to cling to the clasp, even after many years of wearing it. Sizzling or lisping are the result. Even the sensation of pain can not be denied with a tight fitting. This is due to the treatment concept, as the metal counterpart is subjected to permanent pressure on the entire jaw. That can not be prevented. With Invisalign treatment, only a few teeth are slowly and gently rotated during each treatment step. The required effort is thus significantly lower than in conventional pulling and pressing, in which the conventional clip on other teeth "holds".

The crystal-clear Invisalign Aligners are made of ultra-thin SmartTrack plastic and allow a slight pull in the first hours after rail replacement. The vast majority of patients are thus completely symptom-free and feel in the remaining time until the next cycle simply ... nothing.

In addition, Invisalign aligners help minimize the risk of caries disease during treatment. They are easily removable at any time and the teeth can be easily maintained with conventional toothbrushes and toothpaste, interdental brushes and dental floss. This is also possible in the restaurant or on trips, without tools or long fumbling in the mouth.

The small Alignerbox can be everywhere. It preserves the rack rails from adversity and is very hygienic to handle. This can - but need not - the rail before an important professional conversation. A presentation or even the evening date quietly stay in the box providing the wearing time of 22 hours a day is still achieved.

In addition to the unbeatable results in a reasonable amount of time, unprecedented comfort in the treatment, ease of handling and of course the crystal clear transparency of Invisalign Aligner has already convinced more than 5 million patients.

Dentists for Invisalign treatment

Barely noticeable and gentle tooth corrections
No lisping or hissing and splints that do not stand out


    Extremely thin plastic splints that are uncomfortable to wear and high wearing comfort help make Invisalign Aligners the first choice for correcting misaligned teeth. It has never been easier to get a dreamy smile with beautiful and straight teeth.

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