What are the costs of Invisalign treatment?

What are the costs of Invisalign treatment?

What does the health insurance fund take over?

The necessary effort for an Invisalign treatment varies greatly and is essentially dependent on the initial situation of the tooth misalignment. Mainly the desired end result and on the complexity of the required tooth movement.

Simple corrections can be made from as little as EUR 1,800. In some cases, expensive straightening may require up to EUR 6,500 to invest in your own, lasting smile.

In most cases, treatment with the comfortable invisible Invisalign aligners is much cheaper than conventional ceramic brackets. Which have become commonplace for adults due to the more discreet look of metal braces. Internal braces are often much more expensive than Invisalign.

Your lasting savings advantage: In the Invisalign certified solution provider practice Dres. Zimny ​​& Kollegen in Berlin Wilmersdorf, you always receive a guaranteed preferential price for your Invisalign therapy. Which is 25% less than the manufacturer's regular material price.

In addition to this permanently valid, low price for your new Invisalign Aligner, we offer you very convenient payment options. Thus, at the beginning of the treatment, when you receive your transparent braces, you only receive your reduced material bill. All further treatment costs are only calculated depending on the achieved treatment success, in individual parts. The intervals of the low-cost individual payments thus depend on the respective status of your individual therapy. And the best part is that this offer is absolutely free of charge for you, so no interest or additional costs incurred.

But that's not all, you can also opt for yet another cheap form of payment for your treatment with Invisalign Aligner. In cooperation with renowned and specialized payment service providers for the healthcare industry, we offer you the interest-free payment of the entire treatment in twelve equal increments or a financing up to four years at extremely attractive terms. The financing models naturally include the costs of your Invisalign Aligners. For example, these cooperations will result in just 12 convenient and interest-free monthly installments of € 166.67 each for an Invisalign treatment with a total cost of € 2,000. Another example shows that also treatment costs of 4,000 EUR with 48 monthly installments of 113,00 EUR each can be affordable and represent a good investment in your own straight teeth. The detailed information on how to finance your smiling smile is available on request from our Invisalign specialists. Talk to us.

Whether or not your health insurance company will cover all or part of the treatment costs of your Invisalign therapy depends on your individual insurance status and the reason for your treatment.

Although the statutory health insurance recognizes the benefits of a dental correction by Invisalign Aligner, the orthodontic treatment of adults for cosmetic reasons has not yet found its way into the catalog of health insurance benefits. Therefore, it can always be helpful to optimize your own care status with a corresponding dental insurance.

For a long time, private health insurances have made no difference between conventional braces or brackets and the comfortable Invisalign aligners. Here, too, the assumption that the therapy is recommended for medical reasons applies to the assumption of costs.

We will gladly advise you on what basis your concrete treatment is based, but additionally recommend a free consultation with your health insurance company.

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Long-term investment in your own aesthetics
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    Finally, having a comfortable way to have beautiful, straight teeth and a confident smile for the rest of your life is invaluable. However, treatment with Invisalign aligners does not differ so much in cost from conventional methods with significantly less comfort. Often the Invisalign method is even cheaper than conventional methods.

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