Invisible braces in Berlin - The modern alternative to conventional clasp

Invisible charm instead of metal clasp look

Today's adults know it partly from their own, sometimes quite painful experience or at least from sight. The inevitable wire look of visible metal connectors and brackets in the mouth. Hardly to be avoided, the compassionate look of the other person on the medically necessary, but unfortunately unsightly metal constructions, in which also like to catch one or the other food leftovers and does not make the sight more aesthetic. But what is the solution for pointing natural - but unfortunately crooked teeth - to the right places without spending years planning time-consuming visits to the orthodontist and living with the metal structure in the mouth during this time?

The modern answer of aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry is clear braces from your Invisalign dentist Berlin. The California success story of the medical company Align Technology began in the US with the stars. Your Invisalign Dentist Berlin Dres. Zimny & Colleagues will be happy to show you how the tech company, with its Invisalign Aligners, provides the beautiful, straight teeth of many world stars.

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Born in Frankfurt, dentist Dr. Maria Banz-Mowat first completed her Bachelor of Science at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster and then studied at the Technical University in Dresden. Before successfully completing her studies in dentistry there, she took part in a special exchange program that took her to the University of Alberta in Canada. Since March 2021 she strengthens the dental team of our practice with commitment, expertise and international experience. Her emphatic manner inspires patients and colleagues from the very first day.

Main areas of activity

  • Aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry
  • Prosthetics
  • My interest in medicine and manual skills can be perfectly combined in my dream job as a dentist. It is particularly important to me to respond empathetically and individually to my patients and to provide them with pain-free treatment. The best possible satisfaction of my patients drives me, day after day - tooth after tooth.

    Dentist Dr. Maria Banz-Mowat

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